Breast Care - Fibrocystic

What are the active ingredients?

The active ingredients in Breast Care - Fibrocystic include:

What class of drug?

Breast Care - Fibrocystic belongs to the class of drugs:


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Breast Care - Fibrocystic Information Guide

Trade Name:
Breast Care - Fibrocystic
Generic Name:
Bufo rana, Apis mel., Asterias rubens, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calc. carb.,Chamomilla, Chimaphila umbellata, Cinchona, Conium, Croton, Echinacea, Graphites, Helonias dioica, Lachesis, Merc. viv., Phellandrium aquaticum, Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, Sanguinaria, Silicea, Hamamelis, Ruta, Taraxacum
Prescription Drug

Breast Care - Fibrocystic is a prescription drug that belongs to the pharmacologic class of Standardized Insect Venom Allergenic Extract.

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Product Formulation Information: Breast Care - Fibrocystic

Company that labels Breast Care - Fibrocystic:
Newton Laboratories, Inc.
10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 15 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 3 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 3 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 10 [hp_X]/mL; 3 [hp_X]/mL
How is Breast Care - Fibrocystic taken?
Oral (by mouth)
Date that Breast Care - Fibrocystic is effective:
1st June, 2011


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