Causes of Back Pain

Back pain has many causes of which the most common is physical injury to the back region. Other causes include nerve disorders (usually affecting the spinal nerves) and internal organ disorders.

Simple Causes: Various simple and common disorders can cause back pain:

Medical Emergencies: Given that many of the causes involve the spine or spinal cord, it is not surprising that a number of the disorders on the list of causes are a medical emergency, such as:

Physical Injury: Various types of physical injury can cause back pain:

  • Back injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Falls
  • Back muscle strain
  • Back sprain
  • Spinal fracture
  • Spinal disc rupture (“slipped disc”)
  • Spinal disc inflammation
  • Vertebral compression fracture
  • Lumbosacral sprain
  • Sacroiliac strain
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Transverse process fracture

Non-Trauma Back and Spinal Disorders: Various non-traumatic disorders of the back can cause back pain:

Referred Back Pain (Internal Organs): Various disorders in other regions of the body, usually the internal organs, can cause referred back pain. Many of these disorders can be very serious or life-threatening. Some examples include:

Other Causes: Various other cause include:

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