Causes of Blood in Urine

Simple Causes of Blood in Urine: Not all cases of hematuria are serious diseases. There are some simple possible causes, such as:

  • Strenuous Exercise. Heavy exercise may sometimes cause temporary blood in urine.
  • Fever. Some cases of fever may result in hematuria.
  • Muscle breakdown (Hypercatabolic states)
  • Urinary tract injury

Overview of Cause Categories: General types of disorder that may cause blood in urine include:

Urinary and Bladder Disorders: Various disorders of the bladder can cause bleeding and result in blood appearing in the urine, such as:

Kidney Disorders: Bleeding from the kidneys from various disorders can cause blood in urine, or alternatively, failure of glomerular filtration in the kidneys can cause red blood cells to spill into the urine. Examples include:

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Prostate Disorders: Various disorders of the prostate can affect the urethra and urinary system, resulting in blood in the urine. Examples include:

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Gastrointestinal Disorders: Some disorders affecting the gastrointestinal system can cause urinary bleeding (although most such disorders more commonly cause rectal bleeding, hematemesis, or blood in sputum). Examples of digestive causes of blood in urine include:

Other Disease Causes: There are various other disease causes of blood in urine, such as:

Other Causes: There are various other non-disease causes of urine containing blood, such as:

  • Renal biopsy procedure side-effect
  • Cystoscopy procedure side-effect
  • Urinary surgery (post-surgical bleeding)
  • Prostate surgery (post-surgical bleeding)
  • Kidney transplant (post-surgical bleeding)
  • Circumcision procedure (post-surgical bleeding)
  • Aspirin toxicity
  • Herbal medicine side-effect
  • Medication side-effect
  • Drug interaction

Bleeding Disorders: Any type of bleeding may be caused by or exacerbated by hemorrhage due to an underlying bleeding disorder, such as:

Urine Color Changes: Not all redness in the urine is due to blood. Examples of red, pink, orange, or similar color changes in the urine include:

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Other Bleeding: Although not common, it is sometimes possible for blood from other types of bleeding to enter the urine, or otherwise appear to be in the urine, such as:

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