Types of Finger Pain

Which Fingers? It matters whether it is the larger fingers or the smaller fingers! And the thumb has different causes too.

  • Pain in one finger
  • Pain in multiple fingers
  • Pain in the large fingers (pointer finger and middle finger) and/or thumb pain. This might indicate: carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Pain in small fingers (the “pinky” finger and “ring” finger). This might indicate an ulnar nerve disorder rather than carpal tunnel syndrome.

Painful Fingers: See the details for pain in any of the five fingers:

  • Thumb pain
  • Index finger pain
  • Middle finger pain
  • Ring finger pain
  • Little finger pain (pinky pain)

Which part of the finger? Where exactly is the pain?

  • Finger muscle pain
  • Knuckle pain
  • Fingertip pain
  • Fingernail pain

Pain in Other Locations: Is there any pain in an adjacent region?

Unilateral versus Bilateral: Is it the fingers of one hand or both hands?

  • Finger Pain in one hand (unilateral finger pain)
  • Finger pain in left hand
  • Finger pain in right hand
  • Finger Pain in both hands (bilateral finger pain)

Age and Gender for Finger Pain: Consider the patient’s age and their demographic. Are any of these descriptions more accurate?

  • Finger pain in children
  • Finger pain in adults
  • Finger pain during pregnancy
  • Finger pain in seniors or elderly
  • Finger pain during menstruation

Severity of the Pain: How bad is the pain in the fingers? Describe your pain more precisely as:

  • Finger aching pain
  • Mild finger pain
  • Shooting finger pain
  • Severe finger pain
  • Sharp finger pain
  • Dull finger pain
  • Numbing finger pain
  • Diffuse finger pain
  • Penetrating finger pain
  • Radiating finger pain

Onset of the Pain: Is the finger pain a new symptom? Or has the finger pain been going on for days? Have you had it before? Does the pain come and go?

  • Sudden finger pain
  • Acute finger pain
  • Continuous finger pain
  • Constant finger pain
  • Chronic finger pain
  • Finger pain for weeks
  • Recurring finger pain
  • Intermittent finger pain (comes and goes)
  • Progressively worse finger pain

Factors that Exacerbate Finger Pain: Is the pain affected by time of day? By exercise or exertion?

  • Finger pain on flexing fingers
  • Finger pain on gripping
  • Finger pain worse in the morning
  • Finger pain worse in the evening
  • Finger pain at night
  • Finger pain during sleep
  • Finger pain worse on exertion
  • Finger pain when lying down
  • Finger pain when lifting arm

Type of Painful Body Tissue: What anatomic feature of the hand seems painful?

  • Finger joint pain (knuckle pain)
  • Finger muscle pain
  • Finger soft tissue pain
  • Finger bone pain
  • Pain inside the Finger
  • Finger skin pain

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