Causes of Flank Mass

Causal Categories: The causes of a flank mass are usually an enlarged internal organ, and the categories include:

  • Kidney enlargement
  • Adrenal gland enlargement
  • Colon enlargement
  • Spleen enlargement
  • Liver and spleen enlargement
  • Flank skin condition (e.g. simple skin lumps) or subcutaneous conditions

Kidney Disorders: A kidney enlargement may be felt as a mass. Renal causes of a flank mass (flank swelling) include:

Other Causes: Various other causes of flank mass include:

Flank Skin Conditions: Various skin or subcutaneous conditions may afflict the dermis on the flank. These would more likely be described as a “flank lump” or “skin lump” rather than a “mass”. The flank is also an uncommon location for many of these skin afflictions. Nevertheless, for completeness, some possible causes may include:

For additional flank skin conditions, see also: skin lump, flank rash, flank lump.

Similar Symptoms: See also causes of similar or related symptoms:

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