Causes of Headache

Headaches have literally hundreds of causes. In most cases, the cause of a headache is a simple condition: just the everyday common headache, a tension headache, or something similar. But there are also more chronic types of headache, and also there is a possibility that a headache is caused by a severe medical condition like stroke or brain injury.

Simple Causes: There are a number of types of headache that have simple causes. The common everyday headache is well-known, but not the only one.

  • Common Headache.
  • Tension Headache. A simple type of headache due to emotional tension or physical muscle tension.
  • Sexual headache. A type of headache that develops during sexual arousal, and usually dissipates afterwards.
  • Drug side-effects. Various medications can cause headache as a side-effect; discuss with your doctor.
  • Contraceptive pill. In some women, some types of contraceptive pill can cause headache.
  • Neck Muscle Strain. Poor posture can cause neck strain and result in a headache.
  • Dehydration.
  • Alcohol (hangover)
  • Eye strain. Various visual disorders or eye problems can cause headache.

Chronic or Serious Headache Conditions: There are various medical conditions with chronic headache.

  • Migraine. A well-known cause of recurring headaches. The diagnosis of migraine is actually a somewhat involved process of diagnosis by exclusion.
  • Cluster Headache
  • Muscle Contraction Headache
  • Vascular Headache

Infectious Causes of Headache: If you have an illness, such as a virus, it is common for a headache to develop. Usually there are other symptoms such as fever. Almost any disease that causes fever can also cause headache. Causes of headache include:

Serious Brain or Head Conditions: A headache can be due to some serious problem with the brain, the skull, or the head. Many of these conditions can be a medical emergency. Some of the possibilities include:

Eye Conditions: Various eye disorders can result in headaches.

Serious Conditions. A number of other severe medical conditions can cause headache.

Febrile illnesses: Almost any condition causing a fever can also cause a headache. Some examples include:

Medical Care Causes: various causes from treatments and tests include:

  • Spinal fluid diagnostic test (lumbar puncture test) (side-effect)
  • Cervical traction treatment (side-effect)

Drugs and Toxins: Substance-related causes of headache include:

Additional Indirect Causes: What are the causes of the causes of headache? See also the various causes of:

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