Hearing Loss Overview

Hearing loss may be temporary or may result in partial or total deafness. Hearing loss may refer to inability to hear certain sounds, pitches, or to tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears), or loss of hearing ability.

Causes of reversible hearing loss include ear infections (e.g. middle ear infection), nearby infections (e.g. adenoiditis, respiratory infections), physical blockages (e.g. foreign body, boils, tumors, impacted earwax, etc.) and many other causes. Age-related hearing loss is called presbycusis. There are also various disorders that can cause chronic progressing hearing loss, such as otosclerosis and Meniere’s Disease. Congenital hearing loss (at birth) can result from birth injury or numerous congenital syndromes. Various medications can cause tinnitus or hearing loss as a side-effect or as an interaction with other medications.

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