Causes of Low Blood Pressure

There are many causes of low blood pressure. Severity of low blood pressure ranges from mild (e.g. in simple faints) to severe low blood pressure in various types of shock. All types of shock are a medical emergency.

Common Causes of Mild Hypotension: Some of the common causes of mild levels of low blood pressure, such as those causing fainting, include:

Some of these disorders can be dangerous in more severe cases. Various other causes of fainting are possible. Note also that some types of fainting disorders are serious and can result in unconsciousness, syncope, shock, etc., rather than a simple faint. A faint can also cause an injury from a fall. Read more about: Fainting.

Shock: Shock of various types is top of the list for serious life-threatening cases of very low blood pressure, such as:

Low Blood Volume: Various injuries and disorders can cause low blood volume (hypovolemia) and then cause hypovolemic shock, such as:

Dehydration Disorders: Various disorders can cause dehydration and thereby result in low blood volume (hypovolemia) and the resulting low blood pressure, such as:

Note: Any type of dehydration can cause low blood pressure and also be potentially life-threatening. Read more about: Dehydration.

Heart Disorders: Various disorders of the heart and its related systems can cause low blood pressure, from mild to severe cases, such as:

Respiratory Disorders: Various pulmonary and respiratory disorders can cause low blood pressure, such as:

Drugs and Toxic Causes: Various drugs and substances can affect the blood pressure system, resulting in low blood pressure:

Medical Test Causes: Some types of medical testing can cause low blood pressure:

  • Diagnostic contrast test side-effect (or allergic reaction)
  • Gastric acid stimulation test (histamine adverse reaction)

Chronic Hypotension: A number of disorders can cause chronic hypotension or recurring episodic low blood pressure, such as:

Other Causes: Various other causes of low blood pressure may include:

Similar Symptoms: See also the causes of similar symptoms such as:

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