Rash Overview

The causes of a rash on the skin are many. There are literally hundreds and it can take some time for a doctor to consider them all. Many different infections cause some type of rash, such as roseola, measles, chicken pox, parvovirus, and many others. A blistering pustular rash may be caused by various skin conditions, such as boils, folliculitis, acne, rosacea, shingles, and many others. Harmless causes may include things like a reaction to some plant you accidentally rubbed against in the garden (dermatitis). But there are also severe diseases that must be ruled out, such as a hemorrhagic rash that occurs in meningococcal disease (which is a medical emergency). Another possible cause of a rash is a side-effect of a medication that you may be taking. A rash needs to be differentiated against other similar symptoms such as facial redness (e.g. flushing), bruises, insect bites, cysts, warts, sunburns, chilblains, and various other causes of skin discolorations.

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