Types of Sensations

Abnormal sensations usually refer to nerve-type symptoms, such as:

Sometimes they are describe as:

  • Crawling sensations
  • Creeping sensations
  • Prickling or pin-prick sensations

Peripheral Symptoms: These sensations may occur in particular regions of the body, such as:

  • Finger sensations: tingling fingers, numb fingers, finger pain, etc.
  • Toe sensations: tingling toes, toe numbness, toe pain, etc.
  • Arm sensations: elbow sensations, elbow tingling, etc.
  • Hand sensations: hand tingling, hand numbness, hand pain, etc.
  • Foot sensations: tingling feet, foot numbness, foot pain, etc.
  • Leg sensations: leg tingling, thigh tingling, thigh sensations, calf sensations, etc.

Other common regions for tingling sensations include:

  • Skin tingling: Skin burning sensations, etc.
  • Face sensations: facial tingling
  • Tongue sensations: Tongue tingling, Tongue burning

Sensory Symptoms: Another type of abnormal sensation may affect any of the other senses:

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