Causes of Toe Pain

Toe pain can be caused by toe injury, various minor toe disorders, arthritis of various types, and some nerve and systemic disorders.

Minor Toe Disorders: Various minor disorders affecting the toes can cause toe pain:

  • Ingrown toenails
  • Bunion (Hallux valgus)
  • Hallux rigidus (rigid big toe)
  • Hammer toe

Physical Toe Trauma: Various injuries to the toes or nearby regions may cause toe pain, including:

  • Toe injury
  • Toe strain (muscle strain)
  • Toe sprain (joint ligament sprain)
  • Toe fracture (broken toe)
  • Foot fracture (broken foot bone)

Arthritic Disorders: Various types of arthritis and similar disorders can cause toe pain:

Infectious Disorders: Various infectious ailments may afflict the toe, especially the big toe, such as:

Nerve Disorders: Nerve disorders tend to cause pain-like sensations (e.g. tingling toes, burning toes, paresthesias) rather than true pain. Causes include:

Big Toe Pain vs Little Toe Pain: In which toe is the pain? There are important distinctions in the various types:

  • Big toe pain (hallux pain)
  • Second toe pain
  • Third toe pain
  • Fourth toe pain
  • Little toe pain

Similar Symptoms: See also the causes of related or similar symptoms, such as:

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